What We Do

Speedwell is a charitable trust governed by a trust deed which sets out the objects of the trust

‘to encourage the advancement of mutual understanding through education by encouraging, supporting and developing cross community projects.’

To achieve this aim Speedwell has developed four strands:

(1) Community relations focused programmes with schools. Programmes include:

•    Knowing Me, Knowing You
•    All Different, All Equal
•    Teambuilding/Ice Breakers

•    Diversity in Sport
•    Teambuilding
•    Cultural Diversity

•    Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination
•    Exploring Local Churches
•    Diversity in Sport

(2) Environmental awareness programmes at Parkanaur including:

•    Minibeasts
•    Parkanaur Gruffalo
•    Wildlife
•    Going on a Bear Hunt


•    Autumn/Spring
•    Birdlife
•    Christmas at Parkanaur
•    Maths Trail KS1

•    Orienteering
•    Wild About Water
•    Exploring Habitats/Food Chains
•    Energy & Electricity
•    Maths Trail KS2

(3) Teacher Training programmes and developing educational resources for teachers including educational thematic units

(4) Cross Community projects for local families e.g. a summer programme and Halloween events


Speedwell is very flexible in its approach to shared projects. We will work with schools, teachers and community groups to develop ‘tailor made’ and bespoke programmes and activities.


Know Your Birds

With the aid of binoculars children go bird watching around Parkanaur Forest Park. Other activities include bird specimen learning, making bird feeders and bird tables.


Exploring Habitats

Children are able to explore and compare a land habitat and a water habitat. Activities include minibeast hunting, pond/river dipping, bark rubbings, tree measurements and making a hanging food chain mobile.


Outside Counts

Children are able to explore and compare a land habitat and a water habitat. Activities include minibeast hunting, pond/river dipping, bark rubbings, tree measurements and making a hanging food chain mobile.



A brilliant day for helping children to get to know one another. Orienteering challenge, river crossing and the blindfold walk make for a teambuilding day hard to forget.


Wild over Water

Children learn about the Water Cycle and the importance of water with the aid of an interactive presentation. In groups the River Torrent is explored providing children with the opportunity to use a variety of fieldwork equipment. To finish the day the children work together to create working water wheels.


Parkanaur Gruffalo

The fantastic ‘Gruffalo’ children’s story is used to help children learn about wildlife & nature at Parkanaur. Children take part in a Gruffalo trail around the forest, the Gruffalo story and themed arts and crafts.


Bear Hunt

Children participate in a Bear Hunt around Parkanaur Forest.  Other activities include, interactive story telling, Bear themed playroom and arts and crafts.


Bugs and Beasties

Children are introduced to different minibeasts through the ‘Superworm’ story. In groups the children explore the forest and take part in a bug hunt. Other activities include Bug bingo and arts and crafts.


Christmas Fun

Parkanaur is transformed into a winter wonderland for the children, as they take part in an enchanted trail, complete festive arts and crafts and visit Santa’s Grotto. They also learn about wildlife at Winter.

Schools Programmes


Ice – Breakers

Children take part in action packed teambuilding activities designed to help them get to know one another. Activities include, building a paper tower, Human Bingo, Parachute Fun, ordering exercises, Head/Catch and much more.


Diversity & Difference

A thought provoking session helping children to learn, understanding and respect the different cultures and people who make up our society. Activities include, flag discussion, mystery object game, interactive cultural presentation and lots more.


No Time For Hate Crime

Children take part in a variety of fun activities to help them learn about the concepts Prejudice, Stereotyping & Discrimination.


Churches: Explore & More

This programme provides children with the opportunity to visit different Churches within their community. First hand, they are able to explore and observe the similarities and differences between the Churches. Other activities include an interactive presentation and a Church craft information wheel.


Sporting Diversity

Children are introduced to and given the chance to take part in the different Sports that people who live here like to play. Sports include: Soccer, Gaelic football, Hockey and hurling.


Energy & Electricity

An interactive presentation introduces the children to the terms energy and electricity. Children work in groups to build simple circuits and to make a working steady hand game using bulbs, wires and batteries.


All Different, All Equal

Children are introduce to diversity through fun and play. Puppets and an interactive presentation are used to aid diversity discussion. The session is completed with an enjoyable craft activity.


Knowing Me, Knowing You

Children are provided with many activities and opportunities to explore     emotions and feelings. Characters from the movie ‘inside out’ are used to aid discussions. The day concludes with a ‘mood bear’ art activity.