The SET Project is a new and innovative 3 year project funded by the Tudor Trust London and facilitated by Speedwell Trust in Northern Ireland. The project aims to develop links between schools from different religious backgrounds highlighting the value of understanding, tolerance and mutual respect.

Check Out Our Video – Of Speedwell Trust’s Summer Scheme 2016. Fantastic indoor and outdoors activities, fun and games- irrespective of what the Northern Ireland weather throws at us.

Speedwell’s ‘Hope For Youth’ cross community border project designed to explore diversity through symbols from our shared culture in Northern Ireland. The project allowed children to understand experiences in perception and misconception that lead to fear and often mistrust. Through our sessions we help chidlren understand how flags define territory. The project was assisted by the Police Service of Nothern Ireland who praise the project as the ‘future of Northern Ireland’.

Check Out our Irish TV piece on the Summer Scheme at Speedwell Trust in Parknaur Forst near Dungannon. Sue Wright – Community Police Officer talks about her role as community liason officer in the area and about the work Speedwell do present a fabulous opportunity for children from all communities.