Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers is a Environmentally themed unit for Key Stage 2, focusing on areas such as wildlife, recycling and environmentally-friendly actions. Included is a range of support material for all sections covered by the unit and involves mathematics, communication, literacy, art and design, drama and ICT. We’ve also developed some interactive activities and PowerPoint presentations for use in the classroom. Use the ‘Downloads’ section below to download the complete unit and its supporting files.

Theme Concept

Key Stage 2 children will investigate, explore and learn about the environment by studying their own close locality. This may be their playground or a designated area nearby. They will use their learning to create learning trails for younger children from their school meeting the aims of the NIEA to protect, conserve and promote the natural environment. The children’s learning will focus on minibeasts, birds, hedges and trees and composting as appropriate to the schools environment or locality. This theme promotes active learning.


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