The Speedwell Trust is a voluntary project based in Parkanaur Forest near Dungannon. This project was created in 1991 to bring Catholic and Protestant primary school children together through curriculum based programmes.

At Speedwell children work in mixed groups, participating in both environmental and community relations programmes. We also offer teachers and parents from both communities the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and extend their knowledge.

Mission Statement

“Speedwell exists to encourage children and young people to respect themselves,
each other and the world we share.”

Strategic Aims and Objectives

  1. Aim 1: To create opportunities for shared learning through effective needs led programme delivery
  1. Continue to deliver and expand the range of high quality programmes and activities which promote and enhance good relations and environmental learning
  2. Explore opportunities for engagement and delivery of programmes and activities with new target audiences
  3. Develop and implement appropriate evaluation tools to measure impact and ensure effective delivery

Aim 2: To increase public awareness of the importance of bringing people together to create a shared society


  1. Promote and increase the awareness of Speedwell Trust’s work and its impact throughout Northern Ireland
  2. Identify and recruit high profile individuals as advocates for the work of Speedwell Trust
  3. Strengthen the impact and awareness of the work of Speedwell Trust through building strategic working relationships and creating opportunities for collaborative working

Aim 3: To ensure an effective, sustainable and responsive organisation


  1. Build sustainable revenue through a variety of restricted and unrestricted income streams
  2. Continue to ensure sound governance via appropriate structures, efficient systems, policies and procedures and appropriately skilled Trustees
  3. Ensure staff expertise is recognised and valued and provide opportunities for professional development
  4. Provide a secure, fit for purpose work environment
  5. Increase the capacity for delivery through increased staff and volunteers


Speedwell Ethos

At Speedwell we believe it is important to give children the opportunity to learn about each other’s traditions, understand and respect their differences and recognise and value what they hold in common. We want school communities to view it as normal to cross inter cultural barriers. Through their experiences of working together on these programmes we hope children and teachers will develop a vision of a shared future where everyone is equally valued.

Speedwell Staff/Trustees

Stephen Crabbe – Head of Programmes
Melissa Grimes – Office Manager
Brigid Hamill – Domestic Assistant (Part-Time)

Board of Trustees

Helen McClenaghan – Trustee and Chairperson

Alwyn Riddell – Trustee and Treasurer

Laura Swaile – Trustee

Sue Wright – Trustee

Ellen Doris – Trustee

Eric Rainey – Trustee

Tony Quinn – Trustee

Eamon McClean – Secretary and Trust Manager

Speedwell Funders

Speedwell obtains funding from a variety of sources to fulfill its mission. In 2015/16 the Trust is receiving funding from the Tudor Trust, the Mid Ulster Council, EU PEACE funds, SSF, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dublin,  the Ireland Funds and the Garfield Weston Foundation. We also obtain revenue from our own fundraising efforts

Speedwell Founder

Jean Kelly founded the Speedwell Trust in 1991. As Director, Jean played an active role in the Trust’s development until her retirement in 2006. In 2001 she received the MBE for services to community relations in Northern Ireland. In 2003, she was the first recipient of The Harry Mc Killop Irish Spirit Award.