Speedwell Trust is a voluntary organisation established in 1991 to bring Protestant and Catholic children together through education. It is a charitable trust governed by a trust deed which sets out the objects of the trust –‘to encourage the advancement of mutual understanding through education by encouraging, supporting and developing cross community projects.

’Our vision is of a shared society that is tolerant and respectful to everyone. We believe it is important to give children and young people the opportunity to learn about each other’s traditions, understand and respect their differences and recognise and value what they hold in common.

The Speedwell ethos encourages children and young people to view it as normal to cross inter cultural barriers and through contact build better and, in many cases, new relationships with their peer group from a different tradition.’


“Brilliant day!”

Children loved learning about flags – something we don’t get to do often!. (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 23rd May 2017)

“Great Learning!”

Children learnt a lot today – as did we.  Thank you.(Workshop: Respecting Difference, 23rd May 2017)

“Super, super, super!”

Super organisation, super weather and a super mix of activities.  Loved the way orienteering was clearly integrated with flags and symbols.  Many thanks for the fun. (Workshop: Team Building, 19th May 2017)

“The pupils loved it!”

A fantastic day – from start to finish – the pupils loved it – I particularly liked the orienteering element which ideally integrated culture and symbols.  Well done everyone! (Workshop: Team building, 19th May 2017)

“Excellent mix of activities!”

Thank you for a fun filled day!  Great activities/children thoroughly enjoyed.(Workshop: Bridge Building, 18th May 2017)

“Wonderful activities!”

A super fun filled day for kids and adults. Excellent team building exercises which were meticulously planned and prepared.  Thank you so much Jill and Stephen (Workshop: Bridge Building, 18th May 2017)

“Great mixing!”

A great mix of activities and ways to get the children to mix. (Workshop: Comparing Diversity, 16th May 2017)

“Really enjoyed activities!”

Children really enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities.  Children learned a lot and a great way to help the children to mix easily. (Workshop: Comparing Diversity, 15th May 2017)

“Excellent Programme!”

Excellent programme, and as always, well organised and presented with much enthusiasm.  Stephen has a fantastic rapport with the children; capturing their attention and enabling them to learn effectively.  Thank for a lovely day. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 12th May 2017)

“Wonderful experience!”

– Organisation and enthusiasm of Parkanaur staff. – Variety of activities. – Potion sheet excellent idea. – Opportunity for children to interact/mix with children. – Wonderful experience for our children today – thank you. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 12th May 2017)

“Excellent Programme!”

An excellent day of very well organised activities.  Super leadership throughout and a great relationship with children.  Great coaches.  Weather excellent! (Workshop: Sporting Diversity, 11th May 2017)


Excellent variety of sports and experienced coaches.  Well delivered!.(Workshop: Sporting Diversity, 11th May 2017)

“Brilliant Programme!”

Great organisation – most enjoyable for all the children.(Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 9th May 2017)

“Great Day!”

All the children made a new friend.  Great day! (Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 9th May 2017)

“Fantastic Programme!”

I really enjoyed everything.  It was really excellent and a great chance for children to renew friendships.  Thank you Stephen and Jill (Workshop: Wild About Water, 8th May 2017)

“Brilliant mixing!”

Great day with opportunity for mixing, showing compassion etc. (Workshop: Wild About Water, 8th May 2017)

“Enjoyable & Challenging!”

Friendly staff leading the day and a good level of challenge in activities. (Workshop: Maths Trail 5th May 2017)

“Great day!”

Active – continually something for children to do.  Children all responded well to activities and listened well to leaders.  Leaders great as always!  Thank you for a great day!!(Workshop: Maths Trail, 5th May 2017)

“Lovely day!”

Excellent day.  Jill just great.  Brilliant with children.  Very informative.  Thank you (Workshop: We’re Going on a bear Hunt, 4th May 2017)

“Brilliant day!”

Very well organised and presented.  All children interacted so well.  Thank you Jill. (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt , 4th May 2017)

“Fantastic day!”

Children mixed well as we had two other recent trips together, so they are really benefitting socially and educationally. (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, 5th May 2017)

“Super Programme!”

Excellent programme – expertly delivered, no improvements needed.  Thank you and well done – always lovely day/experience (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, 4th May 2017)

“Great experience!”

I don’t think it can be improved.  Stephen was very enthusiastic; making it interactive and exciting for everyone. (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, 4th May 2017)

“Great Learning!”

Jill handled and managed the whole experience brilliantly.  The children found out lots today. (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, 4th May 2017)

“Lovely day!”

All pupils mixed well together & enjoyed their activities.  Many thanks. (Workshop: Spring Growing, 28th April 2017)

“Brilliant Learning!”

An amazing day!  Faultless planning – Excellent shared education of religious diversity – thank you so much Stephen & Jill  (Workshop: Religious Diversity, 26th April 2017)

“Excellent workshop!”

Many thanks to Stephen & Jill.  An informative, well organised and enjoyable day.  Kids got along really well and enjoyed the opportunity.  (Workshop: Religious Diversity, 26th April 2017)

“Great day for the children!”

It was a lovely day for all the children.  I especially loved hunting for minibeasts in the forest!.  Thank you very much 🙂   (Workshop: Nursery minibeasts, 24th April 2017)

“Interactive and Engaging!”

Very well planned – well done!  Children engaged throughout the activity.  All encouraged to participate, answer out, share their opinion.  A great programme.  Many thanks! (Workshop: Minibeasts, 11th April 2017)

“Excellent Learning!”

Fantastic day! (Workshop: Minibeasts, 11th April 2017)

“Fantastic experiences!”

Such a practical activity – fantastic experiences! (Workshop: Wild about Water, 6th April 2017)

“Very enjoyable!”

Very enjoyable day – loved the practical activities.  Thanks so much to all the staff! (Workshop: Wild about Water, 6th April 2017)

“Engaging & Enjoyable!”

The children were very active and engaged.  Thank you for an enjoyable trip!(Workshop: Minibeasts, 5th April 2017)

“Excellent day!”

The adults who delivered the programme were excellent at speaking/communicating with the children at their level.  They related very well to the children and were very patient. (Workshop: Minibeasts, 5th April 2017)

“Excellent opportunity!”

It was an excellent opportunity to work with a partner in shared education, in a practical task, using a shared local learning environment. (Workshop: Minibeasts, 4th April 2017)

“Enjoyed by pupils and staff!”

It was brilliant.  The children were taught so many facts about the mini-beasts and then got the opportunity to look for and examine the bugs first hand.  The use of the interactive whiteboard and the stuffed animals and puppets were all excellent and made the day so enjoyable.  A fantastic day enjoyed by pupils and staff.  Thank you as always.. (Workshop: Minibeasts, 4th April 2017)

“Great fun!”

Great fun – I liked the fact we were divided into smaller groups and good variety of activities.  Also very safe surroundings. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 3rd April 2017)

“A very enjoyable programme!”

Excellent delivery, a very enjoyable programme based on, ‘The Gruffalo.’ Children learned alot about animals of the forest and their habitat. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 3rd April 2017)

“Working together!”

The children really enjoyed working together as a group. (Workshop: Energy and Electricity, 29th March 2017)


Excellent informative and very well delivered and organised day.  Excellent! (Workshop: Energy and Electricity, 29th March 2017)

“Interested from the start of the day!”

The activities were so well organised and the resources were so well produced.  The children were so interested and excited from the start of the day.  Jill was so good with the children and really ensured that they were all engaged and happy throughout the different activities.  Many thanks for a throughly enjoyable day! (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 27th March 2017)


Everything!  Great trip and Jill was a great leader.  Thank-you (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 27th March 2017)

“Another fantastic day!”

Another fantastic day at Parkanaur.  The activities were extremely well planned, varied and exciting for the children and adults.  The children were highly engaged and I can envisage lots of Gruffalo follow up work back at school.  Many thanks to Melissa and Jill for a brilliant day. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 24th March 2017)


We enjoyed all areas of the Gruffalo day.  A wonderful walk in the forest in Spring, the children enjoyed seeing the Gruffalo. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 23rd March 2017)

“Lovely to watch!”

It was lovely to watch the children getting to know each other during the various activities. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 21st March 2017)

“Such a well organised day!”

Such a well organised day.  Thank you so much Jill.  So enjoyed the Gruffalo story and the walk through the forest.  Amazing Day! (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 21st March 2017)

“Another enjoyable day!”

Another enjoyable engaging day, very well organised and delivered.  Very accommodating and appropriate. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 21st March 2017)

“I can say the children are having a good time!”

The children really enjoyed the day.  It was great to see the Gruffalo sleeping.  The leaders of the programme were excellent.  The children loved the walk through the forest and we were lucky with the weather.  The play in the afternoon was very interactive and looking around I can say the children are having a great time. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 15th March 2017)

“Worked well and interacted!”

They really enjoyed the outdoor activity.  They worked well and interacted with each other very well.  The bingo game encouraged them to talk to each other. (Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 9th March 2017)

“An invaluable day!”

Thankyou Jill, we had a fun filled day and the children learned so much.  They have reinforced friendships and made new friends.  An invaluable day.  Thank you (Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 9th March 2017)

“A very enjoyable day!”

A very enjoyable day.  We had a lovely activity outside and then back to the classroom for some practical activities.  All children communicated and participated in all activities. (Workshop: Teambuilding, 8th March 2017)

“Thoroughly enjoyed our day!”

Myself and the children have thoroughly enjoyed our day.  The kids stayed engaged throughout each session.  Leader was excellent.  Great day. (Workshop: Teambuilding, 8th March 2017)


The programme today was brilliant and staff were very friendly and encouraged all the children from different schools to mix. (Workshop: Teambuilding, 8th March 2017)

“Will be back next year!”

Children were engaged throughout the programme.  Excellent resources, very well organised.  Facilitator had a great rapport with the children.  I really enjoyed coming to Parkanaur with my class and will be back next year! (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 7th March 2017)

“Best day ever!”

Excellent day!  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The activities were well planned and very engaging.  Thank you so much Stephen, Orlagh and Jill. (Workshop: We’re going on a Bear Hunt, 3rd March 2017)

“Excellent programme from start to finish!”

Children really enjoyed meeting children from another school.  They loved looking at the stuffed animals and getting to make their own puppets.  Bingo was great fun to finish. Very well organised, for art activity.  Many Thanks (Workshop: Wildlife, 1st March 2017)

“Very enjoyable and inclusive!”

Today was very enjoyable.  Great “ice – breakers” at the beginning of the session.  There were a good variety of activities and all children were included.  Well Done!! (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 28th February 2017)

“Pitched at the right level!”

A very enjoyable day that was pitched at the appropriate level for all of the children.  The children were put into groups and had a great time talking and working with the other schools. (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 28th February 2017)


Fantastic programme, well led by Stephen & Jill.  Children well engaged from the start and loved the activities!  Thank you! (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 28th February 2017)

“Well organised and enjoyable!”

Programme is, as always, very well organised and easy to participate in for both staff and children.  Thanks for all, Stephen & Jill!  Children really enjoyed their day! (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 27th February 2017)

“Engaging & Enjoyable!”

Very successful day Stephen!  The children were very engaged in all the activities.  They loved the parachute activity!  Many thanks to you and Jill!!  (Workshop: Respecting Difference, 27th February 2017)

“Loved the Gruffalo trail!”

Children were thoroughly engaged during storytime and enjoyed answering the questions afterwards.  The Gruffalo trail was extremely fun with lots of clues to follow.  Tha ks for everything! (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 9th February 2017)

“Fun and Engaging!”

Very engaging and age appropriate activities.  Jill & Stephen both have a great rapport with kids.  A fantastic programme all round!  Thanks for everything! We can’t wait to come again on another trip.  (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 9th February 2017)

“Enjoyable Day!”

Very well organised.  Children thoroughly enjoyed the activities(Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 8th February 2017)

“Fabulous Day!”

Very well presented, fabulous resources and well supervised.  Very enjoyable day! (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 8th February 2017)

“Wonderful Day!”

Children thoroughly enjoyed finding and meeting the Gruffalo in the forest. (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 8th February 2017)

“Had Fun & developed great knowledge!”

A wonderful interesting and engaging day.  Both children and teachers, along with Stephen & Jill worked together to learn all about a variety of birds.  Children & staff all bonded well & everyone had fun while gaining a lot of knowledge.  Thank you all. (Workshop: Bird Watch, 7th February 2017)

“Targets met and fantastic fun!”

Another FANTASTIC DAY!!  The staff are amazing, resources are super and what a lovely setting to study Wild Birds.  All cross – community and educational targets fully met and LOTS MORE!  Many thanks also for elastoplast provided for a small scratch on palm of child’s hand. We look forward to our next visit!   (Workshop: Bird Watch, 7th February 2017)

“Fun & great mixing!”

Excellent programme today Stephen and Jill.  Lovely discussions and activities on friendship – children encouraged to mix and participate very well together.  Thank you & look forward to next day (Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 6th February 2017)

“Great Workshop!”

Stephen – when the children come up and say “I’d so much fun” you know you’ve pitched it right!!  (even in the rain outside – they loved it!).  Great work, thank Jill too!!  See you soon for part 2! (Workshop: Knowing Me, Knowing You, 6th February 2017)

“Enjoyable day for all!”

Everyone was involved in the drumming, kept busy the whole time.  Enjoyable day for all! (Workshop: Drumming, 30th January 2017)

“Excellent leader!”

Very well organised morning with an excellent leader! (Workshop: Drumming 30th January 2017)

“Fully engaged!”

All children participated and were fully engaged. (Workshop: Drumming, 26th January 2017)

“Great active learning!”

This was an excellent day full of active learning.  The children were given numerous opportunities to co-operate during their learning.  Well done Stephen & all the team. (Workshop: Team Building, 27th January 2017)

“Great day!”

Very good activities and well organised. (Workshop: Team Building, 27th January 2017)

“Great getting outside!”

Children loved being out in nature and were encouraged to interact with others to make new friends. (Workshop: Team Building, 25th January  2017)

“Great organisation!”

A well organised day which encouraged children to explore differences and similarities in themselves.  (Workshop: Team Building,25th January  2017)

“Engaging and Interactive!”

An age appropriate, interactive day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (Workshop: Team Building, 25th January 2017)

“Getting outside & making new friends!”

Exploring the grounds.  Working with children from another tradition.  Mixing with staff from another tradition.  (Workshop: Team Building, 25th January 2017)

“Great team-work and co-operation!”

A fantastic practical session in which the children worked co-operatively as part of a team to build bridges and have fun at the same time.  (Workshop: Bridge Building,24th January  2017)

“Fantastic programme!”

Thank you – great programme especially for team building as it was time bound!(Workshop: Bridge Building,24th January  2017)

“Great Day!”

Thank you Speedwell – kids really enjoyed bird watching and were very interested throughout the day.  Thanks!  (Workshop: Bird Watch,19th January  2017)

“Great Day!”

So well organised and children’s interest was clearly evident.  Thank you!  (Workshop: Bird Watch,19th January  2017)


A great opportunity to explore different drums – something the children would never get to do. Easy, enjoyable activity which allowed the children to mix well.  Thanks!  (Workshop: Drumming,16th January  2017)

“Very enjoyable day!”

All children really enjoyed the day.  Mixed well with other school.  Joe made the activities fun. (Workshop: Drumming, 16th January  2017)


The kids totally loved the drumming.  The guy leading it was super.  Looking forward to our final day together.  (Workshop: Drumming, 13th January  2017)


Excellent interaction; everyone involved and focused on tasks. (Workshop: Drumming, 13th January  2017)

“Valuable Educational Resource!”

Excellent programme which has grown from strength to strength during our project.  Children have been provided with excellent opportunities to learn and work together.  A highly valuable educational resource!  Thanks to all.   (Workshop: Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination, 13th January  2017)

“Brilliant activities!”

Brilliantly organised and delivered at a good pace – children were always interested and engaged – they mixed really well together.  Great activities!  Thanks for a great morning! (Workshop: Prejudice,Stereotyping and Discrimination, 13th January  2017)

“Brilliant day!”

I liked everything – absolutely fabulous day!!!! Many thanks!!.  (Workshop: Drumming, 12th January  2017)

“Thoroughly enjoyable morning!”

The flexibility and variety of the activities.  Facilitator was excellent and motivated the children superbly.  A thoroughly enjoyable morning.  (Workshop: Team Building, 11th January  2017)

“Really enjoyed today!”

Really enjoyed today’s activities and so did the children  (Workshop: Team Building, 11th January  2017)


Fabulous use of facilities.  Great opportunities to mix & co – operate (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 20th December  2016)

“Fabulous day!”

We had a fabulous day from start to finish!  I liked the way the children were paired up with a pupil from our partner school, all targets were met and there was a lovely warm, friendly, fun atmosphere.  Thank you so much (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 19th December  2016)

“Fun day!”

Another wonderful fun packed day at Parkanaur.  Thank you to Stephen and the team for a stimulating and educationally packed experience.   Now ………….. we’re off to see Santa!   Yeahhhhh!  (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 19th December  2016)

“Thoroughly enjoyable day!”

All children in my class were engaged and attentive throughout the day.  Trails and tasks were well planned and fantastically delivered by Stephen.  The children and myself all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank – you!  (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 13th December  2016)

“Special day they will always remember!”

The day was very well planned for primary 2 age group.  The day provided a wonderful experience for all the children.  It is a special day they will always remember.  Thank you for another great day! (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 13th December  2016)

“A great day!”

A good idea to limit outdoor walk as far as deer park to meet needs of SEN children.  We had a great day at Parkanaur – the children really loved the artwork and dancing.  Thank you very much! (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 7th December  2016)

“A wonderful day!”

Staff have been excellent.  Extremely age appropriate.  A wonderful day.  Thank you very much. (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 7th December  2016)

“Another lovely Christmas trip!”

Thank you yet again for another lovely Christmas trip for our children.  We look foward to coming back next year. (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 6th December  2016)

“Really great day!”

Really great day – fun filled and very informative for the children.  Many thanks. (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 6th December  2016)

“Children thoroughly enjoyed their trip!”

Excellent programme delivered today by Jill and Ellen! The activities were well planned and age appropriate.  The children toroughly enjoyed their trip.  Excellent balance of indoor and outdoor activities.  Thank you Jill and Ellen for a fantastic day! (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 5th December  2016)

“Wonderful, magical day!”

Again Melissa, Stephen and Sue have really made this a wonderful, magical experience for our children.  We cannot wait for our next visit to Parkanaur.  (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 5th December  2016)

“All were happy!”

Very well organised, children thoroughly enjoyed the hunt and were engaged from start to finish.  Stephen, Jill and Sue all welcoming and great with children.  They were all at ease and happy during the programme.  Art activity also well tailored to P1 and P2 and every child could participate fully!  Continue to do what you are doing. (Workshop: Wildlife at winter, 2nd December  2016)

“Very well planned!”

Programme was very well planned, and taught to high standards.  Kids co-operated well due to this. (Workshop: Electricity/PSD, 1st December  2016)

“Very enjoyable day!”

Well structured, children engaged throughout, plenty of resources/activities planned.  Loved the balance of curriculum and PDMU.  Children seemed to have had a very enjoyable day.  Thank you (Workshop: Electricity/PSD, 1st December 2016)


Excellent!  Stephen & Jill were fantastic with the children! (Workshop: Bridge Building, 18th November  2016)

“Great Programme!”

We had a great day.  Well planned.  Great preparation.  Hope this fantastic programme continues.  Thank – You (Workshop: Bird Watch, 17th November  2016)


Children loved it!  A great day! (Workshop: Bird Watch, 17th November  2016)

“Excellent Programme!”

I thought it was very well organised with great resources.  Children were given lots of opportunities to explore the three words.  Children worked well within groups.  It was very effective and Stephen explained the words in such a way that children understood.  (Workshop: Prejudice, Stereotyping & Discrimination, 15th November  2016)

“Fantastic Work!  Well Done!”

This was a great day.  The children learned a great deal about prejudice, stereotype & discrimination in a fun and easy way, it was directed to their level.  It was extremely effective.  Stephen & Jill are great at what they do and I don’t think this can be improved on. (Workshop: Prejudice, Stereotyping & Discrimination, 15th November  2016)

“Very enjoyable day!”

Everyone really enjoyed today.  Good range of activities inside and outside.  Children really enjoyed the games.  Really enjoyed the potion hunt.  Thank you both so much.  (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 14th November  2016)

“Great Active Learning!”

Thank you very much, children were actively engaged at all times and clearly learned a lot from the day.  (Workshop: Prejudice,Stereotyping & Discrimination, 11th November  2016)

“Great variety!”

Activities very interactive and fun today.  Great variety of group work skills included in the activities.  Keep it up!  (Workshop: Prejudice,Stereotyping & Discrimination, 10th November  2016)

“Fun,Interactive & Engaging!”

A really straightforward and clear presentation of all 3 words (S/P/D).  Games and activities were fun, interactive & engaging. (Workshop: Prejudice, Stereotyping & Discrimination, 10th November  2016)

“Fun Learning!”

Stephen was a fantastic leader.  He made learning fun and interesting.  Children loved all the activities.  Programme is perfect as it is!!!. (Workshop: Autumn in the Forest, 8th November  2016)

“Lots of Learning!”

Children learned lots of interesting facts about Autumn.  Children had the opportunity to work in groups with children from their partner school.  They had the chance to participate in enjoyable practical activities.(Workshop: Autumn in the forest, 8th November  2016)

“Well delivered programme!”

Mixed groups from the start was good as the children had to ensure two schools were mixed.  Well delivered programme today pitched at a suitable level for the children. (Workshop: Cultural Diversity, 26th October  2016)

“Informative Day!”

Thank you for a very informative day.  The children have learnt a lot of information about the two different cultures in which they live.  A great variety of activities provided to aid learning (Workshop: Cultural Diversity, 26th October  2016)

“Job Well Done!”

The children and myself really enjoyed today and learned a great deal, not only about other cultures but our own too!.  Thank You!  Job Well Done! (Workshop: Cultural Diversity, 25th October  2016)


Very well organised, great resources, children were encouraged to mix, timing was very good, Facilitators – great relationship with children! (Workshop: Cultural Diversity 25th October  2016)


It was excellent.  Children mixed really well.  There was an element of competition but it was all good natured.  (Workshop: Bridge Building, 24th October  2016)

“Great Day!”

Another great day.  Thank – you!  (Workshop: Bridge Building, 24th October  2016)

“Enjoyable morning!”

Children integrated very well together.  Stephen & Jill worked very well with pupils and made it a very enjoyable morning.  Many Thanks!.  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 19th October  2016)

“Thoroughly enjoyed it”

A great morning.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well organised and planned and look forward to the next day.  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 18th October  2016)

“Well structured and resourced”

Day was really well structured and resourced.  The children were reminded about different aspects of culture in a non-intrusive way.  Really enjoyed the morning, thanks!  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 18th October  2016)

“Great practical activities”

Very interactive, great practical activities.  Chldren encouraged to mix in groups.  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 17th October  2016)

“Fantastic set of activities”

It was a fantastic set of activities.  It was super the way Speedwell staff explained the cultural items in a very clear way, reinforcing respect, Great thanks (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 17th October  2016)

“Many Thanks”

The mixture of activities worked well – just the right length.  Many thanks!  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 14th October  2016)

“Thank you”

All children were active participants of today’s activities.  They have developed an extended awareness of cultural signs and symbols in Northern Ireland.  Thank you very much, we look forward to the next activity day!  (Workshop: Cultural Traditions, 14th October  2016)

“Great Day”

Great day again!!  Thank you!  (Workshop: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, 13th October  2016)

“Amazing Day”

An amazing day full of exceptional information & practical activities.  Thank you so much!  (Workshop: Cultural Identity, 10th October  2016)

“Active Learning”

The children really enjoyed learning about the different flags and could identify flags they liked best – not necessarily flags that they may have picked beforehand.  They really enjoyed the game identifying different symbols and worked very well as a group.  (Workshop: Cultural Identity, 10th October  2016)


Excellent programme, children loved it.  (Workshop: Team Building, 7th October  2016)

“Fantastically well run and organised”

A fantastically well run and organised programme, allowing all the pupils to come together and work as a team in a fun way!  (Workshop: Team Building, 6th October  2016)

“Thank you for a lovely day”

We have thoroughly enjoyed today.  You worked very hard to engage our children and all the activities were interesting and appropriately paced.  Thank you so much for a lovely day.  (Workshop: Parkanaur Gruffalo, 4th October  2016)

“Really well organised!!”

“A really well organised day – Stephen, Jill and Melissa were super.  Many thanks  (Workshop: Team Building, 30 September  2016)

“It was brilliant!

It was brilliant.  Super instructors.  Sensible powerpoint, well managed and a delight to go to.  (Workshop: Team Building, 30 September  2016)

“Very enjoyable day!”

A very enjoyable day with very interactive activities which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank – you for helping the staff also!!  (Workshop: Knowing Me,Knowing You, 28 September  2016)

“Keep up the good work!”

The adults providing the activities are the greatest asset to this programme.  the children were engaged throughout due to the strong leadership given by Stephen. Keep up the good work!  (Workshop: Knowing Me,Knowing You, 28 September  2016)

“The children really got involved!”

Really enjoyed the walk and the hands-on experience of finding minibeasts.  The children really got involved in the art activity and the presentation was very informative. The children got a lot from their day.  Thank you both. (Workshop: Minibeasts, 27 September  2016)

“Excellent programme!”

Excellent programme, enjoyed by all! (Workshop: Team Building, 26 September  2016)

“Brilliant day!”

Brilliant day!  The children really enjoyed all of the activities. (Workshop: Team Building, 26 September  2016)

“An excellent day!”

An excellent day! Well organised and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you very much from all at St. Mary’s (Workshop: Team Building, 22 September  2016)

“Great day!”

Great day!  All enjoyed and hadn’t the choice of whether to take part or not!  Less adventurous children did also enjoy!  Thanks  (Workshop: Teambuilding, 22 September 2016)

“Great range of activities!”

How the teams were split at the very beginning.  The variety of activities and how they were suited to all children.   (Workshop: Team Building , 8 June 2016)

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