Speedwell Trust is a voluntary organisation established in 1991 to bring Protestant and Catholic children together through education. It is a charitable trust governed by a trust deed which sets out the objects of the trust –‘to encourage the advancement of mutual understanding through education by encouraging, supporting and developing cross community projects.

’Our vision is of a shared society that is tolerant and respectful to everyone. We believe it is important to give children and young people the opportunity to learn about each other’s traditions, understand and respect their differences and recognise and value what they hold in common.

The Speedwell ethos encourages children and young people to view it as normal to cross inter cultural barriers and through contact build better and, in many cases, new relationships with their peer group from a different tradition.’


Very Practical and Enjoyable

…Brilliant! Got covered in a day what it normally takes me 3 weeks! Very practical and enjoyable. The pupils learned a lot!. (Workshop: Energy and Electricity, 3 February, 2016)

Another super day!

….Discrimination activity was excellent. It complimented recent teaching undertaken on apartheid in South Africa. Another super day. Many thanks! (Workshop: Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination, 28 January 2016)

Really enjoyable

… This whole topic was beautifully handled. Pupils were comfortable in discussing their identities and learning more about others. Really enjoyable & well resourced (Workshop: Cultural Identity, 21 January 2016)

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